Mark Dalderup

Mark Dalderup | Animals


Drawings of animals

Dog Dog

Acrylic paintings of misadventures of dogs

dinosaurus dinosaurus

A dinosuarus line art for sketchdaily

Crocodile Crocodile  
Bull sacrifice Bull sacrifice  
secretarybird secretarybird

With its wings outstretched, it represents growth, and its penchant fo...

A weird Horse A weird Horse

A thic horse, you can buy all sorts of crap with this design...

Spike the cat Spike the cat

A portrait fo spike the cat, buy this design on all sort of stuff...

Shark Shark

Buy a print...

Red goat Red goat

Buy a print...

Yellow and striped Cat Yellow and striped Cat

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Angry blue and yellow striped swiping cat Angry blue and yellow striped swiping cat

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Seagull Seagull

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Ostrich Ostrich  
Eagle Eagle  
Rhinoceros Rhinoceros  
Tiger Tiger  
Camel Camel  


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