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He was a master of jungle lore. No guide or hunter could match the skill and daring of Frank Meliss. But beneath his deadly cold exterior lay a seething mass of brute emotions. Cruelty greed murderous jealousy and towering pride. which ones exposed rage with destructive fever against all they encountered. When Frank fell victim to a horrible accident his violence knew no bounds. Everyone who crossed his path was scathed until the mad rampage could only be stopped by The arm of vengeance!

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Who saved Frank from the crocodile? or did Nicole shoot the crocodile after waiting a while?

how come Frank missed both arms at the end the arm stuck in the trap was the missing one replaced by the magic one. So that was the one amputated after it got stuck in the trap. Why did his good arm disappear too?
would have made more sense story wise to have his good arm be caught in the trap so that would have to be amputated and then his magic arm would disappear making him miss both arms when he was hung

Is this a story about fear of castration?

Is Frank a Chad or a virgin?

why did Nicole fall in love with a man who was an enormous dick?

Did Nicole kill Dan herself?

The police man at 10:42 actually says "aaaaarghhhrhrkk" not aww fuck

at 03:13 Frank tells Nicole to aim for the head does he mean the head of the crocodile or Dan's head?

sounds used in the video

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Sheb,Wooley he,said,I,could,use,it


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