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Animals Animals

Drawings of animals

aimless activity aimless activity

fiddle (around), fool around, fribble, goof (around), hang about [British], kick around, mess around, monkey (around), play, potter (around), putter (around), trifle

Daylight of Darkness Daylight of Darkness

A story of crime and confusion set in a world that just came into existence but already has internet. See the images in context on this domain:

collages collages

Images made from other images

Pinups Pinups

Images with girls

Stories Stories

Things with letters and images

Typography Typography

Things with letters

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Images made with a camera


Images that are not suitable for a profesional environment

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Images that move and have sound

Plants Plants

Mostly images of plants

Horror icons Horror icons

A series of horror icons I made for reddit's sketchdaily

sturgeon surgeon sturgeon surgeon

The epic tale of a surgeon and his scalpel and a sturgeon and his samurai blade.

miscellaneous miscellaneous

I havent figured out where these belong... yet, but I you just have to wait....for me to do that...

Odysseus Odysseus

A few key moments from the Odyssey.

Zodiac Zodiac

Fluid paintings on canvas with zodiac themed colours and shapes

Redditgetsdrawn Redditgetsdrawn

Drawings made for redditgetsdrawn with the original photos included

Alchemy Alchemy

Fire The adherents of this early form of scientific philosophy regarded fire as the central element. It is considered both unifying and stabilizing force, and most alchemical practices begin and end with fire. It is symbolized by an upward-pointing triangle, signifying rising flames, and hence solar power and life. In alchemy fire is contrasted with water. The element of fire symbolized by the salamander and the head in a three dimensional representation of the icon of fire: a triangle. Water Emphasizing its opposition to water, the alchemical sign for water is the sign of fire inverted and can signify a cup ready to receive water. It is lunar rather than solar. When the two opposing symbols are interlocked, the union of the contrasting elements of fire and water is attained, creating “fluid fire” or “fiery water.” Alchemists considered the elemental pairs of triangles as representing the forma (essence) and material (sub-stance), and hence the spirit and soul of everything in existence. The element of water symbolized by a water snake and the heart in a three dimensional representation of the icon of fire: an inverted triangle. AirThe alchemical sign for air is a triangle whose apex points upward, its upper part crossed through by a horizontal line(although sometimes the tip is removed).The symbol is reminiscent of that of fires and represents passive heat, from which its association with air is derived. In alchemical thought, air is in constant opposition with earth. The element of air is symbolized by a gable bird man and a pair of lungs in a three dimensional representation of the icon of air: a triangle with a line through it EarthDemonstrating the connection by opposition of the two elements, the alchemical symbol for earth is that of the air, but inverted. Composed of a horizontal line (which can sometimes cut off the apex) placed across the triangle signifying water, the earth sign thus represents stagnant water, which eventually solidifies into matter. The element of Earth is symbolized by the hellhound cerberus and a skull in a three dimensional representation of the icon of Earth: an inverted triangle with a line through it

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